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name : star shapes for Photoshop
detail : star shapes for Photoshop designer= http://deviant-arab.deviantart.com/

name : Butterfly Shapes Photoshop
detail : 49 stylized units. You can use it for tattoo, interesting fire effect & so on.

name : Snowflake Shapes
detail : Photoshop shapes , 1.8 M .This set include 48 snowflakes in eps, plus photoshop shapes!

name : People Silhouettes (Huge Set)
detail : Photoshop shapes , 1.49 M

name : Foliage Photshop shapes
detail : With such wide variety of elements it is so easy to create your unique design

name : Vector Circles shape for photoshop
detail : .csh (Photoshop shapes CS) shape for photoshop

name : Jumping People Silhouettes (vector)
detail : great shapes set of jumping people silhouettes or shadows whatever

name : Business Girls shape for photoshop
detail : 12 silhouettes of business ladies ,csh file (vector shapes for photoshop)

name : man shape photoshop
detail : .csh file ,shape in photoshop

name : waved shapes
detail : waved shapes ใช้ใน photoshop

name : Circle shapes
detail : Circle shapes รูปวงกลมแบบที่ 1

name : 100 style hearts shapes
detail : cute heart ,GX20Hearts01.csh

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